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Join the thousands of physicians who have chosen to dispense LAVIOR products from their practice to increase patient compliance and satisfaction while increasing the practice’s bottom line. Spend more time with each patient, increase your Per Patient Value (PPV) and drive higher patient satisfaction.

LAVIOR offers two distinct options to help drive practice profits – Office Supplied or Home Delivered. Choose your preference or offer both choices to unlock your practice's optimal profit potential.

Develop a “Center of Excellence” by providing your patients a complete source for their health care needs, saving them time, money and the hassle of trips to the pharmacy. Improve patient compliance and satisfaction while increasing your bottom line by joining the LAVIOR Dispensing Program.

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Why Choose LAVIOR Products?

  • Quality & Efficacious Products
  • #1 Rated Diabetic Wound/Ulcer Treatment
  • Unique comprehensive line of topical treatments for people with diabetes
  • Professional Packaging
  • Affordable Price Points for Your Patients
  • Healthy Profit Margins for the Practice
  • Free Patient Education and Marketing Materials
  • Personalized Instruction Sheets
  • Web Based Patient Referrals
  • Live Customer Service and Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Why Dispense from your Practice?