Physician Sign Up

LAVIOR offers two distinct options to help drive practice profits – Office Supplied or Home Delivered. Choose your preference or offer both choices to unlock your practice's optimal profit potential.

Office Supplied Program

Patients leave office with product in hand.

Improve patient compliance.

Increase practice’s profits.

Become part of a network of physicians whose preference to offer LAVIOR products from their practice and develop a "Wellness Hub" by providing patients with complete solution for wound care and/or dermatological needs.

Home Delivered Program

Your practice will have a unique Promo Code to be used by patients when ordering directly from LAVIOR.

Patients order online at using your unique Promo Code.

Alternative: patient completes a paper order form in office, to be faxed to LAVIOR.

Rapid delivery to patient's doorstep or mailbox.

Your practice will benefit from ANY items ordered using your Promo Code.

Your practice saves on inventory space and tracking.

A monthly report will be generated based on customer orders.

Using your unique Promo Code at checkout, your patients will receive a discount, and enable LAVIOR to “Share the Sale” with you. Your patients will benefit from both the convenience and the savings. The Home Delivered Program is ideal for those practices that are trying to maximize profits with minimum effort.

When you partner with us, you benefit from our established customer loyalty, product name recognition and generous compensation program. We offer 20% commission to physicians.

We are looking forward to showing you the value of our Product-Line to your Bottom-Line, while increasing patient compliance and satisfaction through the LAVIOR Associates Program.